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Winterizing Your Fairy Garden

Posted on April 25, 2018 at 10:00 PM

After an incredible summer, winter is slowly making its way through New Zealand. 

Here are some tips on how to winterize miniature and fairy gardens.

Remove your accessories before it snows or freezes. Store your miniature or fairy garden accessories safely inside over the winter, you’ll get more use out of them. Most accessories these days are resin which technically doesn’t freeze but the wear and tear from the elements can take its toll on the them. Keep them safe inside where you can clean them over the winter. Spray them with UV protectant to keep the colors at their best and you’ll be ready for next spring. Find the UV spray at your local hardware store.

Remove any fallen leaves. When the rains come, the leaves will sit and rot, and rot anything underneath it. 

When a plant is in a container the roots only have the walls of the pot to protect them.

Plant in the biggest pot you can. Big pots don’t freeze as fast and the extra soil insulates the roots. 

Wrap the whole pot in bubble wrap. This will help to insulate it. For extra insulation add a layer of burlap.

Move the pot beside the house or under a covered porch or veranda. This can be a temporary fix to get through a cold spell. If this is something you would like to do for the winter season, make sure the light requirements are close to what the plant needs ie. full sun plants will get leggy in the shade, shade plants will burn if the sun decides to come out.

Make sure it gets enough water throughout the winter too. Keep watering that pot! Even if it is freezing outside the contained environment will need moisture and the cold will dry it out. Make sure the soil stays at least damp.

For more temperate zones with occasional freezing, get the pot up on pot feet, bricks or stones, so the water can drain and there’s nothing to really freeze and expand when the temperatures dips unexpectedly.

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