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Creating a Spring Fairy Garden

Posted on September 4, 2018 at 8:15 PM

Spring is on its way and the fairy garden urge is upon us.  “Mother Nature” however does not seem as eager as we, and the weather is not yet consistent enough for all of our tender plants to go outside. 


A Spring Fairy Garden can be created in a garden or in a container which can be kept indoors. My Spring Garden has been created in a container which I will keep in a sunny spot indoors.

The use of many types of small leaved plants with an assortment of leaf colors and textures along with a combination of growth habits and plant structures can give the illusion of a true garden in miniature.


To begin, find a container that is shallow. The size or style container you may choose is pretty much up to one’s imagination.

Normally, a container that is porous and with a drainage hole is recommended, however, when a shallow container with such wide proportions is used, the water can evaporate much more quickly and more oxygen is available to the shallow root system, allowing healthy root growth without much of a risk of rotting. If the container is much deeper, the addition of a drainage hole would be desirable.


When a drainage hole is not present, place a layer of horticultural charcoal in the bottom of the container then top with potting soil mixed with calcined clay (a baked clay product which holds moisture but keeps it available to the plants). Because of the large surface area of the container, the plants also have the risk of drying out too quickly. This moisture balance can be aided by the use of moist, long fiber sphagnum moss, sometimes referred to as orchid moss, to mulch the top of the soil layer.

Many garden centers feature a large assortment of miniature plants and trees that are well suited for fairy garden landscapes.

Some possible plant selections would be low growing sedums, little leaved ivies, Muehlenbeckia (wire vine), Hypoestes (poka-dot plant), Fittonia (mosaic plant), Columnea (goldfish plant), Selaginella (club moss), Peperomia, Ficus pumila (creeping fig), even jewel orchids grown for their foliage instead of for their flowers. Tiny succulents would also be good to consider when choosing plants for your landscape.

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