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Terrific Terrariums & Fairy Gardens

Turning your world into a miniature fantasy!

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All are welcome :-)

Hello lovely people

Fairy Gardening, Miniature Gardening and Terrariums are all about imagination bringing fantasy into reality. If you love the mystique of adventure and fable in fairies you have come to right place. We love all things mystical and adventurous.

Choose from hundreds of detailed miniature figurines and delightful tiny world pieces.

Miniature gardening whether in a container or in your outdoor garden is a very satisfying hobby for the young or young at heart. Adding fairy houses like whimsical cottages, gnome doors, bridges, paths, rustic fences, garden tools and even a miniature animal or two to the miniature garden, will delight you, your kids or grand kids, and especially the fairies.

Many of the accessories can be used for a wide range of crafts and also make great gifts. If your pleasure is miniatures for a dollhouse, well we stock many tiny perfect suitable items to please.

Whatever theme you wish to create, from whimsical, beach, adventure, or wicca, you will find it here.

Check out our blog page - it's a work in progress.

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